Aborted Fetus - Fatal Dogmatic Damage

Russia seems to have brutal death metal band literally popping up all over the show these days in the underground metal scene with the great sucess and popularity of Abominable Putridity. Aborted Fetus draw influences from titans such as Deeds of Flesh, Disgorge(Ca) and of course Devourment. I have to say i really like the cover art for this cd, although some might find it a little bland looking but i found it almost quite ominous for what awaited on the cd. Upon first listen, The production reminded me instantly of Devourment except with more audible bass which is real cool. I found the drums to be a little too triggered in the bass drums which canĀ  be over-powering at times. The guitars are fairly chunky though i do find them getting a lil muddled in the mix though that saying its all good and heavy here! Now as a fan of slam death metal, these guys got some excellent break downs perfect for the mosh pits spliced with some nice technical blasting parts then of course straight into those mosh friendly slams. Now these days slam death metal is almost frowned at because all sorts of shit bands try and slam it down and make it a taboo subject but these guys do it justice. Check out the title track "Fatal Dogmatic Damage" and "Hedonistic Hunger". These 2 tracks alone are enough to sell this cd to me. Though that saying some might find this band as just another Devourment clone band and one would be forgiven for this so as they kinda are. But i like em and as a reviewer i review things as i find them, though if its originality your looking for keep looking. However if its Devourment-esque slams and blasts you seek, look no further.

1. Mental Personality Disorder
2. Aquarium With Dead Souls
3. The Shelter From The Broken Glass
4. Corp(se)oration Of Gluttony
5. Fatal Dogmatic Damage
6. Hedonistic Hunger
7. Post Mortal Hymenoplastic (Virginity Restoration)
8. Total Sodomization
9. Unleashed Psychoanalysis
10. On Road To Antiutopia
11. Outro