Aborted Fetus - Goresoaked Clinical Accident

This is the current album of Aborted Fetus after releasing 3 demos, 2 Split CD's and an EP in the past. “Goresoaked Clinical Accident” was unleashed upon mankind in December 2008 by Coyote Records and contains nothing else but brutal Death Metal from Russia. The songs are short, heavy and brutal to the core. All tracks vary in tempo and structure and convince with sometimes rough and sometimes slamming parts. The production is clear and appropriate and leaves no wish unfulfilled. These guys definitely know how to kick ass and even if the vocals are pretty one-dimensional, the general impression is still above the average. Fans of Disgorge (US) or similar brutal Death Metal outfits should give Aborted Fetus a try. But don't pay more than the price of an EP or MCD, because “Goresoaked Clinical Accident” only contains 22:14 min. of music and is a rather short full length album.

1. Handicraft Trepanation
2. Hominal Repair
3. Into My Flesh (Pot)
4. Goresoaked Clinical Accident
5. Bacterial Sperm Mutation
6. Cutting Memories
7. Autofagus
8. Postmortal Menstrual Secrete
Coyote Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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