Aborted Fetus - Private Judgment Day

The Russian meat-machine is back and with it, memories of the torture and agony their previous album had brought upon us! This time things get even more angry and devastating as far as brutality goes. But how can that be? I mean… their previous album of 2010 ("Fatal Dogmatic Damage") was already in the red zone! It appears that these scum, know how to produce brutal slamming death metal, each time outbesting their previous effort!

So here we are listening to "Private Judgment Day", the third album of these ravagers from the north! Words simply cannot describe the massacre! This time they hit us with 10 songs that could easily become a -how to- manual for those who want to play slamming death metal. Insane riffing section to all the songs, with razor sharp riffs succeeding the choking fifths, creating a chaos unmatched! The drums are relentless, blasting their way through the chaos created by the guitars, and the bass of course couldn't do much less. Fat sounding, and precise. Attached on the riffs mostly, but also not hesitating to improvise on occasion, giving this release the proper gravity needed!

The new singer is a total beast! It is likely that the man can no longer speak with normal voice! Gutturals, inhales, exhales and fuckin pig squeals! All is there and used wisely! The songs last about two minutes each, not allowing the album to get boring or an anything! Damn it everything here appears as if it was a product of ripe thought. Nothing done by luck or accidentally! The production is killer. Fat sounding, itchy and dirty, but also crystal clear! How can that be? You will find yourselves wandering the same thing when you purchase this bad ass motherfucker! The street date is the February 18th 2014! So I guess you just have to wait a little! But trust me. Once you push the play button, you'll see that this is a whole new animal you'll be dealing with. Word!

  1. Savage Dominance
  2. Necropolis Demography
  3. Garden Of Kidney Stones
  4. Fuck In A Pesthole
  5. Private Judgement Day
  6. Malignant Pregnancy
  7. Gastronomic Confession
  8. Brown Totem
  9. Guinea Pig
  10. Morning Inferno