Abrahel - Abrahel

From Barcelona Abrahel gives  you a classic sounding black metal but without the anti-christian politics. Every track created by this two piece is a chapter in the story of Abrahel the Succubus.So yeah guess you can say this is demonic fairytale black metal with a hint of worship for the great female energy of the Earth.. With this self titled 2008 release on the indie label Voliac Rock Productions Abrahel manages to create a hellish atmosphere with it's melodic tones and screetch owl vocals. Although I personally feel that this cd could have been alittle tighter, and did find it lost my attention halfway through the first 2 times around (took about 3 attempts before it kinda grew on me). I would say that it is still good for a listen on a lonely cold winter's night. I rate this creation 2.5 -3/5 depending on mood.

1. Through The Edge Of Violence
2. Agens Odrio Vesteri
3. Morcath The Wrathman
4. Black Lips Of Sexual Doom (The Dark Nypth)
5. Transend The Gateway
6. The Priests of Transition
7. Passage
Voliac Rock Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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