Abrasive - The Birth... Born In Sodom

Upon inserting the Disk "The Birth....Born In Sodom" from Abrasive, I'm greeted with an intro which reminds me of the intro to Cannibal Corpse "Meat Hook Sodomy" which I must add is one of my favourite CC songs so that is no bad way to start an album to these ears. The production comes in fat and heavy with a really natural drum sound although sometimes the snare sound is a little overpowering in the mix. Although that saying it kind of adds to the intensity. I love the fills on the drums. They sound so damn big. The high hat work is awesome in places. The guitars are little drowned out by the huge drum sound but when there is space to hear the riffs, the guitar sound is meaty although I would have opted for a louder if not even meatier sound. Now, I have to say, in my reviews I always nitpick over bass sounds, here the bass sounds class. It sounds like a big bloody grand piano. It sounds fantastic and to add to it, there is some lovely bass lines being played so I'm so pleased to hear that. The vocals on offer here have a huge sonic range, from death metal gutturals ala Cannibal Corpse to grinding screeching highs to pig squealed vocals. Hell, there's even some slammin parts in the mix here, so enough to satisfy those in search of the groove.

Lyrically, these guys wholeheartedly embrace the whole porno/gore thing which to be honest I have kinda grown a little tired off but it does not take anything away really from the whole CD. The CD is interspersed with little orchestral pieces and samples which breaks CD up and sets the mood for the track which is about to come. I must admit titles like "Porn Addicted" and "Sit On My Face" make me chuckle but I gotta admit both are quality songs. Now whilst this CD is not the fastest by any means, it certainly has so much groove and catchy hooks there must be something wrong with you if your head is not at least nodding whilst listening to this CD. I really enjoyed this CD throughly and Abrasive, you have a new fan right here. Check out the cool artwork too, it's almost a mockery of the biblical passover, but with more tits!! I can't recommend this CD enough for you to check out if you a fan of Cannibal Corpse, Devourment and basically any death metal with alot of groove.

Check this out cause your gonna love this. I'm deducting one mark purely because I'm a guitarist myself and the guitars could have been a lil bit more beefy. Great CD lads!!! Well done!!!

1. Birth
2. The Other Side
3. Hungry
4. Porn Addicted
5. Sit on My Face
6. Unleash
7. Still Standing (Pussyfied Part II)
8. Hate Us
9. Tales of Lust
11. Stimmulate
12. Rebirth