Abscess-Dawn Of Inhumanity

Hailing from California, Abscess combines punk and death metal in their newest release entitled "Dawn of Inhumanity". Formed by former Autopsy and Death drummer Chris Reifert, Abscess has been making their own sound since 1995.

First of all, this is an aggressive heavy album. Muscially, it has a dark eerie ambiance to it.  There is also some nice guitar work with fast screaming solos on this album. However, it's just not enough to keep you wanting more.

This release has too much going on. The abrupt tempo changes and lack of transitions keep the listener confused. One minute it's heavy and fast while the next it's doomy and slow...then throw in the punk influence and all you come out with is a mess. The growly vocals are tiring and each song runs into the other.

While Abscess has been around for a long time they could have done much better on this release. Overall, the album is a disappointment.

1. Goddess Of Filth And Plague
2. Torn From Tomorrow
3. Never Sane Again
4. Dawn Of Inhumanity
5. The Rotting Land
6. Dead Haze
7. What Have We Done To Ourselves?
8. Dark Side Of A Broken Knife
9. Divine Architect Of Disaster
10. Black Winds Of Oblivion

Peaceville Records
Reviewer: SweetSinz
Aug 22, 2010

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