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Brazilian funeral doom merchants Abske Fides (roughly translated “Without Faith”) bring their first full length album to the table after a couple of well received EP releases. Termed funeral doom, I had slight apprehension before playing this, but I have to report it is not all pure funeral styled, in fact it is doom laden with genre classic influences and a little piece of something different in the varied arrangements. ‘The Consequence of the Other’ is very appealing with its sludge and doom marred by slightly unpleasant gruesome vocals and there are some weird chants towards the end of the tune. It’s not your expected funeral doom track, it is more blackened doom as is highlighted in the following track ‘Won’t You Come’. With such an atmospheric sound with their harmonized vocals this track becomes quite a disturbing prospect, touching but very haunting, Abske Fides have nailed the atmosphere. Guttural heaviness changes the feel completely and the guitar work goes slightly haywire, almost sounding out of key, but it is the pure hypnotic nature of these sounds that keeps you gripped. 

‘The Coldness of Progress’ has a very Spanish, a Santana guitar sound at is start that is killed completely when the vocals begin. During the quitter moments in general, I do feel that the feeling of the record is lost, it takes a bout of heavy distortion to kick start ones interest fully. ‘Aesthetic Hallucination of Reality’ totally restores the release and is over 11 minutes in length. The band have their mojo back and for the outstanding track of this release, it is worth the wait. In that sense, you can compare this to latter Nachtmystium clashing with Ahab or Warhorse, but at the end of the day these Brazilian’s would take the prize. 

I have spent a great deal of time listening to this release, it does convey most of the possible human emotions, within its genre it is one of the most diverse releases I have heard. I love the fact that I can take away something different with each spin of the disc. This is truly an album for expressive souls, people who have the ability to look beyond mere aggression, thinking man/woman’s music, but that really would not go far enough in describing the listening experience gained with Adske Fides, this is a very personal listening experience.


  1. The Consequence Of The Other 
  2. Won’t You Come 
  3. The Coldness Of Progress 
  4. Aesthetic Hallucination Of Reality 
  5. 4.48 
  6. Embroided In Reflections

Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 28, 2012

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