Absolute Defiance - Systematic Terror Decimation

Absolute Defiance is known as Vile but had to change their name due to the american Vile. This did not mean that the style has changed. It is still US death metal like Dying Fetus and Skinless. Double bass loops are flying over, groovy guitar riffs and brutal low voice. The lyrics deal with the suffering of people. You won't regret to get this album if you are into US style death metal.

1. Butchered Human Corpse
2. Maggot Infestator
3. Carnal Dissection
4. Anonymity Of The Mass Death
5. Obscure Of Disfigured
6. Deranged Epidemic
7. Dehumanized
8. Feeding The Famished Zombie
9. Kaleidoskop Pembantaian
10. Neraka Di Bumi (Final Holokaus)
11. Exhuming The Truth (bonus)
12. Self Fulfilled Prophecy (bonus)
13. Heinous Oppressor (bonus)
Displeased Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 9, 2002

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