Absorbed - Visions In Blood

Absorbed started in 1997. The band plays swedish death metal and they play it heavy! The soundquality is very good so a pleasure to listen to. The songs have a variety of catchy rhythms, brutal vocals and good guitarwork. Surely this band is not inventing something new but just delivering a good album that will pleasure a lot of people who like their music to be heavy. Just check it out please.


1. Exile The Breeding Spawn
2. Lost In Human Carnage
3. Twisted Backwards
4. World Of Dismemberment
5. Enter The Blood Dominion
6. Ripping Revelations
7. Back To Infinity
8. Foul Worlds Decay
9. Angelic Visions In Bloodred
10. Fleshpile
11. Regulate The Killings
Deadlock Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 12, 2002

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