Abstract - Fragmenthea

Abstract is a 5 piece band from Slovakia and plays on this CD only instrumental songs. Although you would expect some vocal lines you get pretty fast used to live without the growls and screams. The music is a combination of atmospheric, power and thrash metal. And because it is instrumental you are forced to the songs carefully and notice the different moods, melodies, catchy rhythms. The guitar has the leading part. The keyboards makes it atmospheric. I enjoyed listening to this CD but I think that this CD will be used as background music for me. People interested in this band and the instrumental piece can contact their manager Viktor.

1. Of These Centuries
2. When Men Cry
3. A Fragment Of Night Sorrow
4. Last Of Melancholy
5. Men Of Knowledge
6. Shades Of The Mountains
7. Assorted Feelings
8. Dark Spectral Light
9. ...Aj Sochy Budú Plakať'
10. There Is The Only One Way
11. Sorseria
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 30, 2002

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