Absurd - Complete Noise... Absurd Shit...

Back in the early days of the underground, when the whole extreme music thing was new-born, music styles were glued. There was no big difference if you played death or black metal, thrash or hardcore. I remember that back in those days we used to call "speed metal" almost every extreme and "thrashy" release based on what Motorhead did with "Overkill" and "Bomber" and Judas Priest with "Sin After Sin" and "Stained Class".

As far as the underground concerns, the bands of the neighbourhood would just enter a studio without a plan and just record music. It seemed that the recording itself was more valuable than the music. It was the need to express oneself and communicate it by spreading your demo. Besides, another reason was the company of fellows and friends. Some bands would call out their friends and party at the studio, doing a small live. Out of such situations great things occured. In Greece some of them were the first Rotting Christ demos (pre-"Satanas TeDeum" period), the Vomit demos (VoiVod worshippers), Sound Pollution (watch out for their LP compilation) and Industrial Resistance (also their material "Light From Deep Darkness" recently saw the light of day on LP). But the whole thing was rather global!

Grindcore and gore/grind kept this sick noisy, polluted, industrialized atmosphere in recordings and used its raw power to express chaotic emotions. Bands like Last Days of Humanity, Atavism, Lymphatic Phlegm and tons others made abstract recordings (especially in their demos) to emphasize the chaos and underground passion. Most of these sessions are of great value because the indicate the significance of the recording situation, not of the recording itself.

Absurd from Brazil are no exception. Their material is raw and expresses and anti-social attitude. It is old school and has references to both noisecore and grindcore. The material on the "Complete Noise... Absurd Shit..." cassette tape has been recorded in the period 1994-2000 before the band enter a hiatus period. In a total of 55 tracks you get the following releases:

- "Complete Noise... Absurd Shit...": 11 untitled tracks from a session the band did to announce and celebrate their return in the scene after 19 years! This is a noise session with ultra fast and rapid attacks of less than 2 minutes each. All songs are improvised and show the band in great shape despite their long abscence.

- "It's Full Of Filth and Scum": Recorded in 1998 this session contains 14 more untitled attacks that oppose to society and modern ways. The material is intense and mind-blowing.

- "Play It Fuckin Loud!!!": This is another 9 track noise session recorded back in 1999. The sounds here are destructive and noizy. The old school grindcore attitude of Absurd is present everywhere.

- "Disgrace And Noise Shit": This is a 4 track noise session recorded in 1996. With this release Absurd needed to express their inspiration from Sore Throat and Deche-Charge. There are songs named S.T. and D.C. (for this reason) while the bands' names are also mentioned on the cover artwork!

- "Lost Tapes Promo Noise Session": This noise session has 12 more untitled tracks. All of them were recorded in 1994. Primitive as they may be, they still capture the young fury, passion and chaos, the anger and madness Absurd had at the time. A merciless noisecore/grindcore session that will make you lose control.

- "Silent Extinction": This track was recorded in 2000 for the "Noise For Deaf II" comp. CD (Rotthenness Records). This compilation was released to benefit an institution with deaf children.

- "Caos": Another obscure track, recorded way back in 1995. "Caos" is a Ratos De Porão cover from their classic HC/Punk album "Crucificados Pelo Sistema" (1984). The same titled track of this album was covered in 1994 from Sepultura and used in the "Slave New World" single from the album "Chaos A.D." and later on "The Roots Of Sepultura" compilation (1996). Absurd's version of "Caos" is - as the title tells - chaotic, raw and filthy!

- "Nuclear Threat": Recorded in 1997 this 3 track sonic holocaust stands for the Absurd raw noise/grind sickness!

In conclusion, "Complete Noise... Absurd Shit..." is a discography cassette tape of the Brazilian noise/grind band Absurd that exists from 1994. Expect nothing less than raw power material, recorded in filthy underground studios full of mold to express the band's antisocial and chaotic sounds! Most of the recordings are improvised and deliver the panic, chaos and disorder of an underground noise/grind live show.

The material of this compilation received a new mastering from Cadaver Parafernalicus in 2019 in Noise Guillotine Studios (Holland). All material in this compilation (except from the "Silent Extinction" and "Lost Tapes Promo Noise Session") were previously unreleased! So, this release has a historical character for both Absurd and the u/g noise/grind fans.

The cassette tape is hand-numbered (in red pen), limited to 150 copies. I have seen white and pink colored tapes. The package includes an info/manifest 4-page glossy paper with great and sick art plus photos of all the original cover artworks and info on every release, plus contacts. Included is also a double sided poster with an ancient photo of the band as a 3-piece on the one side and on the other side a photo of Chuckill and Cesar China with the classic anti-music symbol.

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Complete Noise...Absurd Shit...
2. It'S Full Of Filth And Scum
3. Play It Fucking Loud!!!
4. Disgrace And Noise Shit
5. Lost Tapes Promo Noise Session
6. Silent Extinction
7. Caos
8. Nuclear Threat