Absurd Conflict - 12" LP

Melodic Death Metal from Brno, Czech Republic. Absurd Conflict play tight and technical music that has 1 foot in the past and 1 fist in the future. Heavy Crunchy guitars you can only get back in the day, groove driven, time change ups at the blink of an eye, Supremely fucking huge riffs!!! There is a wide range of heavy music in this release. This is one that will go well with any fan of heavy fucking music. From Doom fans to sick grindheads. Has a nice cross of Entombed meets Black Star death and roll kinda vibe! Recommended!!

1. A Tragedy Concept
2. Point of Crisis
3. Till the End
4. Across the Wasteland
5. Across The Wasteland / A Tragedy Concept / Point Of Crisis / Heroism / No Solution Equation
Zero Budget
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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