Absurd / Hideshi Hino - Apocalyptic Extreme Noise Under Unleashed Murder

Murder Records in cooperation with Extreme Noise Tape released this bizarre underground split cassette tape of the one-man projects Absurd from Brazil and Hideshi Hino from Poland.

Absurd is the project of Cesar China. On their side, they offered 37 tracks of mechanic grind noise that come from 3 different sessions, recorded in 2020. All 3 sessions were previously unreleased. The first 2 sessions are entitled: "Consumed Existence" and "Complete Mind Control" while the 3rd one comes from the recordings for the split with Agathocles.
The rhythms of Absurd are totally motoric and the whole project is draped in chaos and madness. The drum beats are relentlessly mechanic and fast enough to blow your head off. The rest of the sounds created for Absurd are machine driven noises and distorted chaos. Cesar's vocals dwell in between asylum madness and psychiatric hospitals with desperate and low end gutturals. On few tracks you will listen to some riffs which just briefly arise from the noise, only to dive again back in few seconds later. Everything is covered in tons of distortion like on almost every early death/grind and black metal demo recording. The intros used serve well as a chance for the listener to breathe in.

The B side of the split is Hideshi Hino from Poland. Hideshi Hino used one long track in tribute to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie! The man behind Hideshi Hino is "Q." The track of Hideshi Hino has samples over layers of drone, noise and few ambient soundscapes. This is an experimental and bizarre track that serves well as background music.

The Murder Records version of the split tape is limited to 100 handnumbered copies and includes an A4 poster with sick art. Extreme Noise Tape version is entitled "Noise Party XIV". It is limited to 20 copies and it includes 2 pins with the logo of Absurd & Hideshi Hymn and comes along with the 7th edition of FLEGMA Zine.

This split is only for the die-hard fans of the most extreme and bizarre forms of sound. It is definitely not to be listened to every day, but it has an own character and besides it is a huge “fuck off” to the music industry.

3 / 5 STARS

1. (Intro) Destroy The Structure
2. Imperfect Theory
3. In A Genocide
4. Malicious Routine
5. Previous Carnage
6. Corporate Epidemic
7. Downward Trajectory
8. Locked
9. Stimulated Depravity
10. Systematic Decay
11. Continuous Regression
12. (Intro) Abrupt Death
13. Just A Dream
14. Empty Expression
15. Duality
16. Final Profit
17. Defenite Injustice
18. Consumed Existence
19. (Intro) Complete Mind Control
20. Collective Domain
21. Conception Of Perfection
22. Induced To Madness
23. Inside The Paranoia
24. Chemical Control
25. Dementia Potential
26. Deviant
27. Empty Speech
28. Growing Tragedy
29. Determined Sentence
30. Confused Minds
31. Failure In Farce
32. Abysmal Fall
33. Something Like Nothing
34. Disastrous Consequences
35. Sick Seed
36. Deadly Certainty
37. (Intro) Unconditional Fear
38. Apocalyptic Horror Noise

Reviewer: Manos Michaelides
Jun 16, 2021

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