Absurdity - D: Evolution

Some who have been following Absurdity ever since their birth in 2001 may be surprised by their full length debut album, which has evolved into the full progression of Deathcore rather than the Hardcore/ Thrash Metal hybrid that they started out with. However, this breed of Deathcore is well executed and tries to incorporate elements from the band's former genres to give listeners something new to enjoy rather than the same 'chug, growl, scream' record that has rhythm, but little soul. Right from the opening track "A Taste Of..." the Deathcore elements are a bit buried as the vocals and rhythms certainly sound more Hardcore influenced, but once "Concrete Brain" comes around listeners will definitely recognize the traits of deep growls, dark notes thick and dripping in vengeance, along with the usual high pitched layers of screams added every once in a while. A track like "Logical War Process" is perhaps as 'Deathcore' as the band will get, carrying on an anthemlike quality with the drums and a driving, but rather dull rhythm. It's about as generic as it gets with something like that.

The good new is the rest of the tracks are uphill from there. If those feel that "Logical..." is pretty impressive, then the rest will be amazing. One thing that Absurdity does very well with their music is keep away from conventions and inject tons of melody into the music. A track like "Sneaking Data" has a great interlude that keeps the atmosphere and almost borders on decent Melodic Death Metal. Others like "Novae" include some industrial influences and sound like there is some dubstep influence along with vocal echoes and experimentation. And then there is "D: Evolution" which combines the Deathcore rhythms with a bit more on the symphonic/ melodic side to give the best of both genres. In short, this is an excellent debut release for Absurdity which certainly sound like they know what they're doing without clinging to any particular trends.

  1. A Taste Of...
  2. Concrete Brain
  3. Sneaking Data
  4. Logical War Process
  5. Fall Out
  6. Scorn & Ignorance
  7. Death. Kult. Paranoia
  8. Novae
  9. Rewind
  10. The Ultimate Carnivore
  11. D: Evolution