Abuse - Nothing Is Safe

Canada’s Abuse, have unleashed their sophomore album entitled “Nothing Is Safe”, and after hearing this effort, I totally agree with them. There is, absolutely, nothing safe. The way you think, the way you feel, you mind and emotions all gone within the 25 minute duration of this release. This is a very serious release in the genres of brutal death metal and grindcore. Completely sick and demented, these 10 tracks will take you to new levels of reverence and respect for this style of metal. The band takes all the basics for this type of music and turns the intensity up to 10.

I like the guitar sound the band has developed. The riffs are all nice and distorted, but there is this undeniable static-like “bite” to them. Imagine if you were to put the trademark Swedish death metal sound into a band that is playing grindcore. From my perspective, it seems like this is the band’s stamp of originality to the perspective genres. I have not heard a guitar sound like this from any other band playing this type of music. There have some that have had a similar sound, but none that have captured the same vibe or intensity. The drum work here is pretty decent, as the band doesn’t “over trigger” things like some bands do. After listening to this album a few times, it seems like the drummer relies more on technique than triggering. Then again, perhaps knowing when to use triggering is a part of that technique. Whatever the case may be, this guy is a god behind the drums. The bass tracks seem to fall by the wayside here, as they are just enough to support the other elements of the music. Don’t get me wrong, the bass is there, I just thought that on a release like this, they would be a little more prominent giving these tunes a bottom heavy slam vibe. No, none of that here, and for what it’s worth, it really isn’t needed. These tunes are massive on sheer intensity and presentation alone. Add to this the devastating, soul regurgitating vocals and what you have is a band who has rewritten the blueprints for the death/grind genre. If you are into bands such as Cryptopsy, Retch, Impaled, Gorerotted, Exhumed, Haemorrhage, and Abhorrent Deformity, then Abuse is for you.

This was a great album, but a little short for my taste. That is my only real gripe with this release. It will definitely leave you wanting more, and perhaps that is the way the band wants it! It would have been nice if it was twice as long but, then again, we should be extremely thankful that it’s as long as it is. I encourage all fans of the death/grind genre to add this release to their collection. This is one of those release that will see a lot of playing time in my stereo, and once you hear it I am sure that it will see a lot of playing time in your stereo as well. Abuse is a perfect name for this band because they abuse your mind and your ears, yet when it’s all over, we are screaming for more!

  1. “Fuck Me or I’ll Kill Us Both”
  2. Gibbeted
  3. She Never Knew What Hit Her
  4. Pwned!
  5. “I’m so Horny…
  6. …Nothing is Safe”
  7. Unsafeword
  8. Swine
  9. Snake
  10. Bitchkabob

Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 8, 2017
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