Abvulabashy - Tyrannikult Unorthodox Goatworship

Singaporean Black Metal. Abvulabashy is a band whom I know absolutely nothing about and could not find much information about them online either - maybe a bit more research would be needed in order for me to find something more about their history but unfortunately I personally do not have that kinda time. To me if a band wants something known about who they are they will put the info out there no?

As from what I was able to dig up this band has been around since the early 2000s with nothing real solid aside from a few demos under their belt and a constant struggle to obtain a full line up. From what I was able to dig out and to the best of my knowledge as of present the core members of this outfit are: Pervertor on bass and Lord Iddimmu Akhkharu on drums and doing the vocals.

Now Singapore is known for it's love for old school metal and the bands hailing from that land reflect this old metal appreciation within their musics and from what I can hear Abvulabashy execute just this. Now for this band's first full length album errr .... I painsakenly have tried, hell I almost prayed for the words and feeling to gracefully come to me that would allow me to give this album a decent review but well, the powers the be have left me out in the cold on this one and well here it is plain and simple as nice as I could put it: This is not the worst album I have heard and there is a lot of raw emotion here, you can tell that these guys really did their best to make this album sound as evil and as hellbent as possible. Maybe it is the horrid production that is bringing this album down who knows. What I do know and can say is that there is nothing difficult about this album, you get what you hear no mystery behind it.

The juvenile "satanic" lyrics did put a big smile on my face, hell these words and how they were spatted out gave me the roaring laughter of the demon figure Belial.

To pretty much sum up "Tyrannikult Unorthodox Goatworship" from beginning till end - very raw ragged sound, loud pounding jagged drums off timed drums (pretty sure they are also using drum machine blends but either way is simply not good), all else can be termed as very distorted noise pollution. The vocals sound like the sorest driest throat being shoved into a rusty meat grinder with no blood for the splatter. There is no flow to this album and no feeling aside from the want and need to put it out put your ears out of their misery and shut the sound off.

I highly regret having to do this review and really did try my best to find some quality to this album - sorry.

Give this album a listen to for the sake of humor and in support of cheesy stereotypical satanic black metal evil - mouhahhaa

Nice try guys - I give this 1 on 5 stars simply for trying and having the guts to release this to the world.

1. Iblyss Laknatullah: The Expulsion And Annihilation  
2. Luciferized Jehovah Extermination  
3. NecroHell Bestial Warfare  
4. Total Extinction ov The Judeo Christian God  
5. Onslaught ov The Inhimane Battleberserkers  
6. Nihilistik Jahilliah Genocide  
7. Sinfernal Satanic Disaster  
8. Strength Through Annihilation And Blasphemy  
9. Iblyss Laknatullah: The Glorification And Domination