Abysmal Fall - Borne Against

From the USA comes this death/thrash band where Kris of Agiel used to play in. Abysmal Fall have on this MCD 6 songs including a nice cover of Sacrifice! The guitars are playing some nice fingersweating riffs, but no leads. The vocals are aggressive. Drums are guarding the melody and speed. The songstructures are balanced and not afraid to put some atmospheric feeling in it (track 2). As I don't know more about this band I suggest you write to Kris at the email underneath. Nice MCD though!

1. Save your savior (not as of you)
2. Ravenous
3. Homicidal breath (Sacrifice cover)
4. Am I possessed
5. Bouree (J.S. Bach cover)
6. Desecrated trinity
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 18, 2002

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