Abysmal Torment - Incised Wound Suicide

From Malta comes this young death metal band with their 2004 promo. Five tracks with the standard ingredients: guttural vokills, stampede drums and foltering guitars. But where are the ferocious guitarleads?? All performed together in a fast tempo with breaks and moshparts. Songs that reach the extreme death metal fans easily and highly accepted. Abysmal Torment is not refreshing the scene with new inventions but just delivers the daily food we need as extreme metal fans. Give them a try.


1. Vile putrescent dilapidated mortal remains lying in the morgue
2. Sawed in half
3. Showcase of dangled flesh
4. Incised wound suicide
5. Grotesquely maimed and cranially disfigured
Brutal Bands
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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