Abyssal - Denouement

The term abyssal is relating to the great depths of the ocean. The band however is hailing out from the United Kingdom and projecting brutal atmospheric death metal into the world. For the most part this is a very low key band for I was unable to find any contact for them so if they wish to create an aura of mystery they seem to be doing a good job at it lol!

I did however come across a Facebook page however am not sure if this is the same band. The FB Abyssal I came across are most definitely a black metal band nothing death sounding there and the page states that they are from Australia and founded December 13th 2012 hmmm.

Well back to the album I am reviewing here from the Abyssal that I am terming as brutal atmospheric death.

What can I say a mystery band at least to me this is for sure... Yes this album does have hints of black metal influence but for the most part I am still terming it as brutal atmospheric death metal.

I love how this album seems to pull you in and slowly suck you through a spiral down towards the deep depths of solitude. From the first track through to the 6th one is waiting in anticipation as to where this journey will take you next.

The atmosphere created with this album is definitely dark and twisted. I could only think of blackness covered with grey smoke lending me a most intense meditative state.

The vocals are low and blend into the low growling sounds created by the bass and bass drums giving a most thick feel in the air. I would compare these vocals to the haunting roars of a demon calmly waking up. Love it!

In tracks such as the 6th and closing of the album titled 'Swansong Of A Dying Race' the drumming alone gives this album a black metal feel and sound total classic in style.

The guitar work throughout the album is spot on for this style and what the band seems to have been aiming for. All flows well from track to track,tight with change overs all in the right spots with nothing over powering the other. I love the nostalgic work of the guitar and bass here and actually would not change 1 thing about this album.

If you love classic death and black metal you will not be disappointed here, I highly recommend this one and place it up there with any of my big league albums such as done by Waitan, Decide, old Behemoth and Gorgoroth.

1. The Moss Upon Our Ruins
2. Celestial Dictatorship
3. Deus Vult
4. Detritivore
5. When Paradigms Supplant Gods
6. Swansong Of A Dying Race

Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 30, 2013

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