Abyssus - Monarch Of The Kingdom Of The Dead

The financial situation in Greece may be facing dire straits right now but as has been proved many times before, Metal knows no obstacles. So steeping through the chaos and insecurity is Athens based Death Metal trio Abyssus and their debut release, an EP with the mouth-watering moniker of 'Monarch To The Kingdom Of The Dead'. Now I'm not sure about the rest of you, but any record that starts with a World War II style air raid siren sends a shiver down my spine, so a great start for Abyssus already. From there its a healthy dose of modern sounding Death Metal riff-age with excellent break downs, mid paced and chugging all the way. Vocally front-man Kostas Analitis is not the most powerful Death Metal vocalist you'll hear but by no means the poorest either, but the bands strong if not a little standard riff-age and the excellent double kick drumming more than make up for a little vocal short-fall.

Comprising of five songs and barely fifteen minutes in duration, 'Monarch To The Kingdom Of The Dead' doesn't hang around long enough to bore you although there are lapses in the music where it loosens its grip on your attention, but for every bland moment there will be a dirty sounding hellish riff or drumming section that has you hooked. Abyssus are a young band and as a starting point this works really well. More works needs to be put into the song-writing to make each track catchier and a little more destructive but Abyssus are a band of potential waiting to escape.


  1. Servants To Hypocrisy
  2. Reprisal
  3. Left To Suffer
  4. Compromised
  5. No Tolerance

Self released
Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst
Jun 7, 2012

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