Abythic – Conjuring The Obscure

Hailing from Germany are Abythic. They are active since 2015 and have an EP and full-length on their name. “Conjuring The Obscure” is their new and second album released by Xtreem Music. Although the existence of Abythic is relatively new, the members are old school veterans who are active in several bands like Reckless Manslaughter or Suffocate Bastard.

Kicking off with a dark intro that is followed up by dark and heavy guitar riffs and brutal grunts that gives this album the right feeling to me. The riffs are reminding me of Morbid Angel (the new era) and I like it. The songs are mid-tempo and filled with variety. The drums are very easy listening with no strange bullshit. Just straight in your face death metal.

As I already mentioned about the guitars is that the riffs are also old school but they are also more in the darker feeling of death metal. The vocals are deep grunts that are in vain of Bolt Thrower but then a bit deeper. But well understandable. I Like the groove in the songs, they have slow passages in that remind me of bands like Asphyx versus Bolt Thrower. Nice and dirty.

The production of this album is also straight in your face. Every element is well mixed and brutal as hell. They also have intro and samples through the songs in german and I like it. This band knows the formula very well and they execute that on a very good way. Is this original? Nope not in my opinion, but I rather listen to something that is solid than original and boring!

This band brings you 8 tracks of ravaging old school death metal combined with a big dose of atmosphere in the music. They are not afraid to fill songs with solo’s and they do that well. If you are into old school death metal then you are going to enjoy this album.

Reviewer: William Nijhof

Nov 19, 2019

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Abythic – Conjuring The Obscure

review Abythic - Conjuring The Obscure

1. Eternal Chaos Will Rise
2. Order Of The Gash
3. Shrouded In Perpetual Darkness
4. Ruins In A Wasteland Of Visions
5. Drifting Among Shadows
6. Coronation By The Burning Winds
7. Shadows Of Becoming Might
8. Let The Purge Begin


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