Accusser - Dependent Domination

These German thrashers started in the heyday of the movement, the late 80’s, 1987 to be precise, ‘Dependent Domination’ is their 8th album and it is a little thrashing piece of heaven. Songs like ‘Desolate Shape’ trades riffs with some of the greats in this field, the way the sound builds and encapsulates the bands individual performances into one tight unit of musicianship is commendable, and very much memorable. From the opening notes I am nodding in appreciation and respect, it rarely gets much better than this as a result of 30 seconds of music. Not being familiar with their earlier material, Accusser have a sound that is both modern and “classic”. Song arrangements are strong and fulfilling, each note, time change, solo and drum beat screams precision, but the skill really is the ability to make it sound very natural and that is clear when you listen to ‘Dependant Domination’, and I relate that to any track, I cannot really fault any song, there are no real standalone songs, this is a real album, a real listening experience, some people may say this is their downfall, but not me, I like albums, stand out tracks and singles are best for the pop charts! ‘Mastering Punishment’ has a piece of ambience to its start, the mix is thrown between left and right speaker, the opening riff, chugs away in all its nasty gnarly feel-good thrash holiness, with tonnes of melody driven guitar sweeps flowing in bucket loads, and of course, Accusser do not forget the mandatory moshing opportunity in the centre section of the track.

Younger bands have come to the throne using this style, these Germans are pretty much comparable to recent output by Paradox and Onslaught, they have also developed that little bit more, they have a strong heavier production and a definite art for forming classic thrash monsters of the European style and in some quarters they even sound like relative upstarts Evile. This is not the definitive thrash album, but it is not far from being at the top of the chasing pack. ‘Dependent Domination’ has all the hallmarks of classic thrash metal, ripping solos, a wonderful guitar tone and overall production, Accusser have struck gold and ‘Dependant Domination’ it hits all the right notes and the aforementioned production is something that will hold them in good stead for years to come. I could summarise this album in a mere sentence; its mature, competent, melody driven thrash metal, and it is going to get your blood boiling.

  1. Presentiment
  2. Beneath Your Dignity
  3. Torn To Pieces
  4. Desolate Shape
  5. Escape From The Oath
  6. Dependent Domination
  7. Mastering Punishment
  8. Death To The Traitor
  9. As You Bleed
  10. The Cause Of All Evil
  11. Behold And Beware

Red Shift
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 28, 2011

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