Acheron - Decade Infernus 1988 - 1998

Acheron started in 1988 as a satanic band and still are today. Due to the fact that their previous releases are sometimes hard to find they decided to release a best off. This album is stricktly pressed in 3000 copies. On this album recordings from the beginning and all remastered. This album is a must have for the real satanic Acheron fans and a nice album to get in touch with Acheron if you lived on Mars for the last 15 years!

1. Thou art lord
2. God is dead
3. Slaughterization for satan
4. Blessed by damnation
5. Immortal sigil
6. Let us depart
7. Satanic erotica
8. One with darkness
9. Fuck the ways of christ
10. Lifeforce
11. The enochian
12. Six six six
13. Enter the coven
14. Final harvest
15. Ave satanas
16. Prayer of hell

1. Out of body
2. Alla xul
3. To thee we confess
4. Shemhamforash
5. Purification day
6. Hekal tiamat
7. Seven deadly sins
8. Cursed nazarene
9. Necromanteion communion
10. Baptism for devyln alexandra
11. Legions of hatred
12. Unholy praises
13. Summoning the master
14. Voices within
15. Undead celebration
16. The entity
Black Lotus Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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