Acheron – The Final Conflict

After almost six years since the release of their last full length album Acheron are again here, with a new studio assault. And after 20 years of existence nothing is changed: “The Final Conflict” is a perfect example of coherence, ten tracks of dark and sinister death black, lyrically wedded to occultism and hate against the white light religions. We are not in front of something of “not-to-be-missed” but in every case it’s evident that the band has grown during the last years more than in the past: they are now stronger and more powerful, the songs are more differently arranged but at the same time the feeling of the real “old school” is intact. Personally I dreamed of a more inspired work, specially talking about the guitars and the single riffs, but I’m sure that the numerous fans will suitably support this release: Vincent Crowley is stronger than ever, his war machine is ready and through him the Church Of Satan is talking again.

1. The Apocalypse
2. Rise Of Rebellion
3. Blood Oath (Pactum Tacitum)
4. I Am Heathen
5. Godless (We Are Gods!)
6. Salvation Through Hatred
7. Power And Might
8. Millennium’s End
9. A New Age
10. Anno Armageddom
Displeased Records
Reviewer: Jacopo
Jun 25, 2009

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