Acid Death - Misled (2013 Re-recorded)

Some bands decide that instead of creating new music they will just re-record old material. I have mixed feelings about this process. I can understand some bands want to give their old songs a more polished sound by cleaning up the musicʼs overall production. Then there are cases where bands canʼt come up with new material so they re-record music to make a a quick buck. With Acid Deathʼs re-recorded EP “Misled” I believe their intentions are to give the songs a new clear aggressive. These Greek Thrash Metal musicians originally released these songs in the nineties and have decided to bring new life to them. Acid Death sounds like an experience metal bad with a solid sound. However, they are playing a style of music which I hear constantly. These new re-recorded songs might sound better than the old versions, but I find the EP to be straight forward repetitive heavy Thrash Metal. At times the band incorporates some Black Metal and Death Metal influences to change up their Thrash based sound. This blend of Black, Death, and Thrash Metal reminds me a bit of how the German Thrash Metal band Sodom sounds. The overall musicianship is decent and I do like the intense sound that can be heard on all the tracks. Still, the harsh vocals shouting out quick angry lyrics while the guitars are galloping away does not standout because I feel as though I have heard this numerous times before.

“Balance Of Power” is the first song no the EP and offers listeners a mean sounding riff and lightening fast drum beats. I would say this is my favorite song on the EP because the musicʼs intensity was something that stood out and caught my attention. The next song “Civl War” emphasizes a war theme where people fighting in a battle can be heard in the beginning. “Civil War” is a brutal song that paints a vivid picture both lyrically and musically. Now, the song “Dragon Queen” is where I started to become less engaged because the riffs and overall sound felt repetitive. Acid Death stays true to this heavy Thrash blueprint which is great for people who like consistency, but I would like to hear some creative elements incorporated into their sound. In all fairness on the next song “Splitting Your Mindʼs Eye” Acid Death becomes more technical sounding by coming up with some progressive musical structures. If they had done more of this progressive Thrash style I think the EP would definitely sound more innovative. However, some bands like to stick to the music which they feel most comfortable playing.

I think re-recording these songs was a good idea because Acid Death was able to inject their current sound into the music and give listeners a chance to hear old material with a better production value. The band sounds experienced which helps make the quality of the songs standout. However, I find the style of music which they play to become repetitive and does not keep me fully engaged. Still I recommend this album to anyone who likes Thrash Metal mixed with some Death Metal and Black Metal. It is a good idea to re-record old material to give the music a different sound, but I believe being creative and coming up with new material helps move a band forward. And when you click the buy button you will get the material as a free download!

1. Misled
2. Dragon Queen
3. Civil War
4. Balance Of Power
5. Splitting Your Mind's Eye

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 21, 2013

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