Acranius - Reign Of Terror

New album from the slam/beatdown/brutal deathsters Acranius. The third full length from the Germans three years after their previous one. Now, I gotta hand it to the guys. I am not much of a beatdown fan, and I could say that although slam is one of my favourite genres in the xtreme sound without any exaggeration I find myself disgusted everytime I hear those teenage-deathcore-beatdowns, BUT, Acranius manage to fold them under their exceptional brutal death metal and of course under their heavy slam moments, of which you will find plenty in "Reign Of Terror".

The density and heaviness of their slam/brutal death moments is so vast and heavy that to my ears makes the beatdown moments flow along with the rest of the album. It goes without saying of course that if you consider yourselves hardcore beatdown freaks, then you'll love these moments from Acranius cos, no matter what a hater would say, they're really good at it. First track breaks the silence and after a short intro, the first heavy slam guitars foretell a heavy as fuck 30 minutes hearing session. The songs proceed in such a manner that gives the whole album an awesome flow. Their slam moments are equal to their brutal death ones. Blast beats and relentless skin beating succeed ultra low gutturals and heavy guitars combined with a super fat bass guitar. Recipe to success I'm tellin ya. Great riffing combined with heavy, choked guitars and of course the fat bass follows it all.

What's really great here is that these guys managed to blend three genres with all their subgenres in one, making them sound cohesive and unique. You might be a bit more into brutal death or you might be a bit more into slam. It matters not. The mix they achieved here, will satisfy every need you have as far as extreme sound goes. The songs are small in duration, giving the album an excellent flow and preventing it from getting tiresome. 30 minutes in all and I am almost certain that you will have to repeat the hearing process couple of times. Production helps a lot to that as it is full on edges bringing forth the heaviness and the aggressiveness they want to get with this new album. Fans of Kraanium, Katalepsy and Epicardiectomy will definitely find their moments here. It won't change anyone's views on extreme sound don't get me wrong. It is a really pleasant mix though and won't get annoying. Exactly the opposite.

  1. Born A King
  2. Kingmaker
  3. Return To Violence
  4. Outlaw
  5. Built On Tradition
  6. The True Reign
  7. Warpath
  8. Battle Scars
  9. The Executioner
  10. Died A Liar