Acranius - When Mutilation Becomes Homicidal

At the end of 2009 Acranius was formed by an idea of Lars (bass and drum-programming) and Börner (guitars and vocals) in the slums of Rostock (Germany). Acranius represents the rough sound of the Baltic Sea and will continue spreading the Ultra-Violence to keep the Slam going. Their unique combination of the most furious Slam Death, some intense hard core Shit and a touch of Gangsta Groove is pushing boundaries in their own way. Acranius released their first 6-Song-E.P "The Echo Of Her Cracking Chest) through Rising Nemesis Records in the end of 2010.

Creating The Misshapen Icon
The title track of the album is creepy, opening with very sinister connotations. Vocally raw and bruising it will skin you alive. The fierce pounding of drums are indeed savage and played with utter abandon as it explores and examines the senses and further indulges in an abrasive melee of ferocious, yet compelling rhythms.

Life Sustainment To Continue Mutilation
With lots of vocal menace and kick beats it makes its presence felt as its muscular strength is unleashed on the ailing senses. Brutally scathing it is nothing short of excellent and gains greater appeal with its barbaric scaling rhythms.

Defaced By Hollow Tips
Deep and brooding with a barrage of kick beats that are soaked with a gurgling vocal, damning and totally superb. Lots of vindictiveness and thick tempestuous rhythms it does battle with your head and of course, wins outright!

Always Battlesome
There is no easing up here, the battle rages with more guttural secretions of a vehement lashing nature, and a soaring riffage any band should be proud of. It expels its demons that in turn will invade your tender ears and turn them inside out.

The grisly guttural growls immerse you in their gnarly wickedness whilst pouring a caustic, and immense menacing array of powerfully intense rhythms all over you.  It devours with pure and evil intent. No let up here as the bombardment continues.

When Mutation Becomes Homicidal
Brutally scathing and raw it unfolds its gnarly thickening rhythms and drenches you in a pure acid bath of ferociousness. Spewing vengeance from all sides of its fiery, and ravenous array of evilness.

Ghetto Brawl
Crawling forth from its pit of madness the guttural bombardment starts and then an enchanting harmony begins and ends briefly.

Shanty Town’s Hooker
Superb battering of skins with a swaggering intense amount of riffage and more grinding vocal than a blender! Harsh and up tempo it reveals that things can get a lot more intense as this track unfolds. The destructive heights are reached with a hail of bullet like beats and yet more guttural spewing.

Supremacy Through Rejection
Unleashing their solid craft of gnarly hatred the distressing barrage of ferocity continues.  The sharp intake of breath you will make as the heights are reached are part of the tracks addictive qualities. This really stalks the aural with evil intent.

Low Budget Autopsy
Punchy and stabbing, wild and extreme it simply leaves abrasions as it climbs to its peak with superb aggression. Intimidating rhythms blister and do not deliberate on whether to attack - that is a foregone conclusion.  This track antagonises as well as instigates a heart attack!

The Echo Of Her Cracking Chest
Interesting title track and also the band’s E.P title track. As you would correctly expect it rips the fragile heart out of its listener’s rib cage with little remorse. It holds a deep persuasion of melodic rhythm that is both challenging and rewarding. It bristles with a deep pulsating evil that is equally soaked in ferocious damning blast beats.

Pulmonary Perforation
A nice provocative slab of gruesome to finish with.  Grotesque evil rhythms thicken under the weight of a powerfully intense guttural menace and the riffs offer an equally immense amount of strenuous violation – you don’t stand a chance!

A highly pleasurable battering of the senses – I doubt anyone would still be left standing after all this brutality kicks in. It revitalises and awakens the need to wrap oneself into its thriving world of evil, as each gnarly riff pulverises and forcibly commands your attention. The pin on this grenade is truly out and the explosion will resonate and leave untold annihilation long after it finishes playing leaving a desolate decaying stench all around.

This album will not caress, it will not tenderly wrap its warm embrace around you – it will just fuck with your head and spawn evil from every pore in its gnarly core! How I love the brutal slam!

  1. Creating The Misshapen Icon
  2. Life Sustainment To Continue Mutilation
  3. Defaced By Hollow-Tips
  4. Always Battlesome
  5. Majesty
  6. When Mutation Becomes Homicidal
  7. Ghetto Brawl
  8. Shanty Towns Hooker
  9. Supremacy Through Rejection
  10. Low Budged Autopsy
  11. The Echo Of Her Cracking Chest
  12. Pulmonary Perforation

Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Jun 4, 2013
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