Acrimony - Tumuli Shroomaroom/Bong On - Live Long!

Acrimony disbanded in 2001, but there music and vision lives on through there music.  Now thanks to our friends at, those who have never taken in Acrimony can do so.  These 2 records have been remastered to kick sonic ass!  Grove-stoner-doom that brings back the love and green peace!  A must have for fans of Led Zepp, The Sword, COC, and Acid Bath.

1.Hymns To The Stone
2. Million Year Summer
3. Turn The Page
4. Vy
5. Find The Path
6. The Bud Song
7. Motherslug (The Mother Of All Slugs)
8. Heavy Feather
9. Firedance

1.Spaced Cat #7 (Hammond Moon - Bong Mix)
2. The Inn
3. The Bud Song
4. Fire - Dance (Live From The Panet Urbalaboom)
5. Earthchild Inferno
6. O Baby
7. Tumuli
8. Satelite 19
9. In Other Wor(l)ds
10. 100 New Gods
11. Timebomb!!!!
Leaf Hound Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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