Acrylate - Chemical Deflection

This is the second full-length album from the Italian death/thrash metal trio. Coming from a background that includes guitar work with Gaz'i'zkape and Mode Lone (now defunct bands), the original quartet worked together but soon became a trio.

This twelve track album was in development for nearly a year before its release. The powerful opening provided by Luka the guitarist is heavily meshed within the drumbeat ripping and rolling its way through the tracks. The long introductions allow for the showcasing of their skills before the vocalist bursts through with a strong, slightly screechy growl that works perfectly against the instrumental backdrop already established.

The powerful drumming seems to be the primary source of instrumental work, quickly followed by the rough, edgy riffs that reverberate around the vocals, which drift between the screechy scream and the demonic growl, bouncing off each other to create a depth of sound sometimes missing in death metal. The thrash influences create a steady deep wall of sound from which each piece can be heard together or on its own. No one piece is privileged over the other and this effectively creates solid, steady sound. The single second stop between the songs is as long as it takes to take a breath, and this created a heady threaded album that is fast paced and skilfully executed.

A favourite track at the moment is Anthology of Slaughter. The soft, almost dreamlike intro is shattered by the crashing drum, heavy guitar and the screeching vocals.

  1. Red Snake
  2. Fight The Pain
  3. Chemical Deflection
  4. Evilhand
  5. Anthology Of Slaughter
  6. Atomic Chaos
  7. Foul Play
  8. S.S. 106 (The Killing Road)
  9. Black Fog
  10. Sound and Fury
  11. Acrylate
  12. Crossroads

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 20, 2011
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