Act Of Creation - The Uncertain Light

There are a few things that come to mind when describing Act Of Creation’s new album “The Uncertain Light”. Raw. Powerful. Professional. Intense. For those that are unfamiliar with the origins of Act Of Creation, they first existed under the name of E 605 and went through several line up changes to reach the point where they are today. Hailing from Siegen Germany, roughly one and half hours North West of Frankfurt, Act Of Creation is arguably a true veteran of the German death metal scene. Fronted by a very talented and powerful female vocalist, Jess, this new album is sure to make it’s way on to your playlist if it hasn’t already.

The album kicks off with the intense track 'The Burning Place' and it completely sets the stage for the rest of the album, making it a shred-tacular masterpiece from start to finish. One defining element of this album is the drum segments were recorded at Kohlekeller Studio located in Seeheim, Germany. Kohlekeller has worked with bands across Europe to include Powerwolf, A Traitor Like Judas and Final Prayer as well as working with such labels such as Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade and Napalm Records. The album was mixed and mastered by Dennis Koehne who has worked with bands like Lacuna Coil, Orden Ogan and Distillator. All of this badassary behind this album should helps put Act Of Creation on any metalhead’s radar. For those interested, their album cover was designed by Timon Kokott.

When it comes to the flow of the music, what takes my blackened metal heart is the raw intensity of the musicianship and the awesome ferocity of Jenn’s vocals. Her vocal might is sure to help inspire more powerful women to step up and take the mic. I’d arguably say that a comparative act would be along the lines of Arch Enemy as Jess and Alissa White-Gluz have a modestly similar vocal style and the band’s musicianship is a bit similar as well- so it goes without saying if you are a fan of Arch Enemy then you may find yourself appreciating Act Of Creation and their new album. Though their musicianship is on point, I do find Jenn’s stage performance to be lacking a certain commanding presence and dare I say sometimes it appears that she’s trying too hard to be like other singers and sometimes it makes watching her on stage sort of awkward. While she has ample confidence enough to take the stage and sing her heart out, something just feels off about her stage presence.

All in all, I enjoyed this album and I am pleased to give my stamp of approval. For me, a band has to hit certain marks just the right way for me to give 5/5 stars to and while this band doesn’t hit that five star range for me, they definitely are a band worth listening to and I am eager to see this band flourish. Their website is if you would like to check them out for yourself!

3 / 5 STARS 


1. The Burning Place
2. Break New Ground
3. Violet Red
4. Reflection
5. Sector F
6. Legion
7. State Of Agony
8. Confused Illusion
9. Hatefriend
10. The Uncertain Light