ActionMen - The Game

Innovating, original, and beyond beleife genere melting! The ActionMen from Italy have come to kick the shit out of the music scence. Mixing elements of every kind of music there is. Thrash, Funk, Jazz, and thing with Core at the end ofit. Music that you can not describe. Other than Groundbreaking as it is Hilarious! A must have for fans of Wrathchild America, Faith No More, Bullet For My Valentine and the like.

1. Boyfriend's Habits (Kazim)
2. About Me
3. Jen S.
4. Everynight
5. Tales of Germany (Mandolino)
6. Fate Vobis
7. Mr. Crepes
8. Fear to losin' a friend
9. O.w.t.s.
10. June Kill
11. Paster of Muppets (Mourad)
12. Porn Actor
13. My inspiration's Gone
Unicorn Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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