Ad Inferna - L'Empire Des Sens

Formerly known as De Profundis they now operate under a new name and finally the long awaited debut is ready. Ad Inferna palyes melodic black metal on a high level. The songs have power, bombastic explosions, atmospheric sadness parts, orchestal impressions, great guitarleads and intense vocals. The production sound is good and clear. Also there are guest appearances and a cover from Falkenbach. This album will surely lift them high on the charts and they deserve it. So why hesitate?

1. Magistrale Overture
2. Votre Déchéance
3. Mon Ame Noire
4. To Enter The Tragic Symphony
5. Vampyric Supremacy
6. Requiem Für Sie, Mein Engel
7. De Profundis Clama Mortis
8. Baldurs Tod (Falkenbach Cover)
9. L'empire Des Sens
10. The Final Discharge
11. Aggressive Supremacy (Morfeus.X remix)
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 18, 2002

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