Ad Inferna - Trance:N:Dance

Quite interesting this album from Ad Inferna (previously known as De Profundis), knowing that previously they played some kinda weird Symphonic Black Metal. Anyway, that era is over and nowadays Ad Inferna is performing a blend of Symphonic Melodic Gothic, EBM, together with an average dose of Industrialized Metal. Yes quite a good blend and Ad Inferna have incorporated them properly to come out with a sound they have!

The album starts with a remix of the popular song entitled ‘Fade to Grey’ (by Visage) and all I can say is that the Metal version of the song they made is quite good and doesn’t ruin the style of the original song. As for the rest of their songs, I can say that at times they have certain approaches which remind me quite a lot of Samael and Evereve.

Music is very rhythmic and rich with those kinds of celestial melodies and sounds composed of synthetic orchestrations and analog synths which are commonly found in Euro-Trance. Besides that, the band also used a good blend of voices, varying from the typical spoken male voice commonly found in Gothic bands of the late 80’s/early 90’s, together with female voices in the background, whispers, and last but not least a rasping voice typical of Black Metal (and perhaps, that’s the only remnant they have from their previous genre). If it may be bothering or not, the band sings in French, at least you’ve been informed. Although Ad Inferna is known in the Metal scene, nowadays they are less Metal but more Electro!

Finally, the whole album features 4 remixes of few songs which are in the same album which are performed by: Combichrist, Beborn Beton, Soman and Reaper. In brief, these remixes represent a harsh version of the original songs performed in and with the artists’ classical touch (some harsh pounding Melo EBM).

To conclude here, the music overall is rich in melodies and symphonies. Definitely a European brand! So… if you expect to listen some tough fuzzy Metal, this album isn’t for you, BUT if you are looking for new adventures, I might really suggest you to give a listen!

Highly Recommended!

  1. Fade to Grey (VISAGE cover)
  2. Métamorphose
  3. SM for SM
  4. Suicide Girl
  5. Transcender l'Extase
  6. You as my Own Drug
  7. Vertige (Beborn Beton RMX)
  8. Vertige (Combichrist "Nok" RMX)
  9. Transcender l'Extase (Soman RMX)
  10. Rédemption (Reaper "Bum Bum" RMX)

DreamCell 11
Reviewer: Jo
Dec 13, 2009
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