Ad Patres - A Brief Introduction To Human Experiments

Almost 7 years after "Scorn Aesthetics" (2012) this is Ad Patres from France 2nd full length album. Released in a limited edition of 500 digipak CDs and 262 copies limited edition 12" LP. The album was recorded and produced at their guitarist's Pierre-Yves Marani studio and the result is very good with the instruments being treated with respect in the final mix. The artwork was done by Neraath (Enthroned, Emptiness, Dehuman) and is sick.

Ad Patres lyrics deal with the dark side of mind, psychological torment of humans, mind control and manipulation, experiments in humans, psychosis and religion. The band plays old school death metal brought to the present. The riffage is typical for the genre. However, some harmonies added make it more interesting. The leads shine over the swampy atmosphere they create.

Alsvid drums (ex-Enthroned 2001-2007) are excellent and show the drummers abilities without exaggerating. The vocals are typical death metal with some brutal touches, some high endings and are delivered with passion. They sound to me Benton influenced.

The songs structure is typical for the genre, but the band has technical skills and they have ideas. The closing track 'The Floating Point' is a very interesting song delved with a more Slayerish "Seasons In The Abyss" aura, I loved in the intro.

Ad Patres signed on the same label as their co patriots Mercyless and their style is bringing them to mind although with less direct thrash influences. They have supported bands like Cryptopsy, Sinister, Morbid Angel, Severe Torture, Carnifex to name a few and there seems to be a promising future. I think if you enjoy the aforementioned bands you will sure find this album interesting.

1. Shock Therapy
2. Mechanical Enlightenment
3. The Disappearance Of I
4. Led By Flesh
5. Symbiosick
6. Sermon
7. Verses Void
8. Spellbound
9. Enclosing Terror
10. The Floating Point