Adrenechrome - Hideous Appetites

This independent release has all the hallmarks of something rather different. Labelled as a stoner/thrash crossover, it sounds very interesting and it is. This young Canadian band have a thrash side on ‘Titan’s Fall’ like Tankard and the way they arrange and merge these sound into downbeat groovy stoner sludge is reminiscent of something like Baroness (listen to ‘Hymn for the Heathens’ – it’s amazing and very soulful!). Whilst not directly related, I place the comparison here as it is effortless, it is merged to perfection. Much as I state Tankard in the thrash vein earlier in my review, tracks like ‘The Horror’ eventually takes you to crossover styles and Municipal Waste/D.R.I. territory. Chris Friesen who is the main songwriter handles the vocals quite similar to D.R.I.’s Kurt Brecht and even Anselmo’s rasp. The melody is infectious, insane but most of all very redeeming.

I love releases like this, independent bands like this should have bigger label involvement, the quality of the recording is pretty damn good, the ideas of Friesen are bonkers, I mean, you even get some almost hillbilly riffing during ‘The Horror’ as well as intense crossover/hardcore breakdowns, light appealing acoustic section, Adrenechrome have  a touch of everything.

All in all, I am thoroughly pleased with this release, this is a great starting point for this band and this is an album some of the bigger hitters should have come up with. The inventiveness, the delivery the passion is clear and ‘Hideous Appetites’ is a really cool album that crosses genres and keeps listeners entertained and interested.


  1. Titan’s Fall
  2. Six Guns
  3. The Horror
  4. Hymn For The Heathens
  5. Winds Of The Void
  6. Locust Wings
  7. Hobbled

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 19, 2012

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