Adrenechrome - Tales from Adrenechrome

Whereas their first effort ("Hideous Appetites") had a touch of thrash in it, this second release is more down the Mastodon/Baroness path and a touch more musical in terms of being busy on the fretboard. Vocally there are some nice melodies and ‘Lockstep’ but more so ‘Black Brubeck’ highlights this, along with the obvious thoughtfulness behind the varied arrangements. ‘God Sized Shadow’ has a touch of Stone Temple Pilots dreaminess in the vocals in places, whilst ‘Hideous Appetites’ is really more raucous delving into Phil Anselmo angry territory born out of the 1990’s and beyond. This track is an angry modern prog assault, mixing some groove, sludge and musical dexterity in a single track.

Overall I find this a busy release, there is a lot of things going on at the same time, there are various mood, and tempo changes that makes the musician in you take more of a keen interest. Overall, perhaps because I liked the freshness of their debut, but losing the thrash tag has been more positive than negative overall as the album sounds more refined, much more professional. This is certainly a musical adventure as the PR material suggests, some may be put off by the momentum of the release, but keep up and you will find your own personal positives in this album.

  1. A Familiar Face 
  2. Lockstep  
  3. Black Brubeck 
  4. God-Sized Shadow  
  5. The Heart And The Feather  
  6. Hideous Appetites  
  7. The Lead Elephant

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 29, 2016

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