Adrenochrome - A New World Slaughter

Adrenochrome, is a death metal/death core band hailing from Blackstone Valley, Rhode Island and formed recently in August of this year. Adrenochrome generates enormous amounts of sound energy, much like an explosion. The power of supersonic riffs and solid grooves often leaves a path of destruction in its aftermath. Adrenochrome (catecholamine o-quinone), chemical formula C9H9NO3, is a compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine). So now you know what to expect from this quartet.

New World Slaughter
This track hits straight between the eyes and is a toxic brawl of venom, demanding attention from the moment it starts its vicious onslaught. The vocals are particularly engaging as they are brutal and outstanding, whilst the music far from hides behind them, but protrudes with riveting excitement.

Consumed - Destroyed
As the title would suggest it is pretty gnarly and exceeds its limits in rhythmic punching and hearty ravenous drumming.  It more than grazes the aural, more like batters it into submission. The devastation continues and keeps its grip on the listener with avid and eager intentions.

Bleed The Myth
Superb snorting opens this evil track of spite. Soaked in a rabid anger the cataclysmic rhythms pour openly like a festering bloody wound. Vocally engaging to reveal low harsh growls and high pitched screams that scathe unmercifully to a damming conclusion.


To Sum up:
Yes evil is all around us but it is here it looms the most, although the sample tracks are there just to ease you into each track, I feel the band could have added a few more tracks to really whet the appetite for full on throttling destruction, however they have only been together four measly months but in that time they have done incredibly well getting this album together – so kudos to them for that.

Awash with favourable impact and unquestionable potency Adrenochrome sure do live up to their name, no heated debate about this. They are intent on destruction and it's a sure fire tirade of brutality, of that there is no doubt what so ever and thanks to the Internet, all you brutal metal heads can enjoy it in all its glory, in your own home, unless you are holidaying in Rhode Island and can get to see them live, which wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.

But in the meantime why not scour the turbulent depths for yourself by checking out the above link and listen for yourselves. Be warned it is mighty explosive and no doubt the aftermath once played will have far reaching consequences that will be felt worldwide.

  1. Adrenochrome (sample)                      
  2. New World Slaughter                           
  3. No Sense Of Shame (sample)               
  4. Consumed - Destroyed                       
  5. I'm The Bad Guy? (sample)                  
  6. Bleed The Myth                                   
  7. You Have To Have Evil (sample)


Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Dec 31, 2013

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