Adveniat Hiems - Loki

The Italian band Advent Hiems looks like a relatively new band, and they are currently promoting their debut new opus entitled ‘Loki’ an album containing 5 tracks. I guess the album should give you already a hint about the concept behind this album – Norse Mythology.

The band performs Epic Black Metal filled with symphonies and a bit of ambience all around. I think it is a bit rare and perhaps odd to find or to have an Italian band with such themes, but anyway.... Music is simplistic, somehow enjoyable to listen, even though at times they are a bit repetitive to my tastes. Quality is just good but nothing outstanding. Adveniat Hiems remind me quite of Ancient (NO) especially their mid-paced structure and those symphonic backgrounds giving an enigmatic feel to the whole album.

Production quality is semi-polished. Guitars sound very distant and so with those grim ill natured vocals. ‘Loki’, isn’t an astonishing album, but not bad either. Being a new band, they managed to come out with a good release, but there is a lot of work that Adveniat Hiems should do!


1. Iving (intro)
2. Loki
3. Midgardsorm
4. Fenrir
5. Hel

Self released
Reviewer: Jo
Apr 28, 2010

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