Adversarial - All Idols Fall Before The Hammer

Adversarial are a blackened death metal band from Canada and 'All Idols' is their debut. The album creates a sort of love-hate relationship between the listener. For one, the drums are unique and enjoyable with that hollow beat to them compared to the usual sound, even if they sound a bit repetitive. One the other hand, the guitars tend to stay in the same note in the same tempo most of the time and the vocals... well... are they even there? They're so deep and ugly that they become buried in the music, just like the bass. Try listening to "Black Vault's..." and one may get confused if they're listening to a full track or instrumental.

Adversarial does have their shining moments though. "All Idols..." is a churning maelstrom of sound that thankfully varies up over time, especially near the middle. Again, the drums are the clearest thing to be heard amongst the chaos. "Ruins Enshrined" actually lets the vocals in for once, and the drums have this great introduction before falling into the usual pumping beats that they keep on the other songs. "A Night Of Endless Pain..." takes on a doom metal pace and allows the bass to be heard and also grants the band a whole new musical formula rather than the headslamming they've been giving listeners for most of the album. It is by far their most engaging track.

The band ha some work ahead of them, production-wise. However, the album would have been a whole different story if everything could have heard clearly. There is tons of potential and raw fury to keep the sound interesting, but sadly on this album it didn't help that everything kind of bled together, especially with the vocals. Hopefully album number two will be much more clearer without any loss of ferocity.


  1. Thralls
  2. Churning The Storm
  3. All Idols Fall Before The Hammer
  4. In A Night Of Endless Pain, War Came To Flood Its Heart...
  5. Ruin Enshrined
  6. Scourge Of A World Ablaze
  7. Death.Rot.Monolith
  8. ... In Black Vault's Of A Death God

Dark Descent Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Dec 17, 2010

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