ADX - Non Serviam

French band ADX are seminal to the early French power/speed metal scene, the first three releases are well served and well respected releases. In more recent time, their last effort "Ultimatum" was a terrific release full of energy and songs that flow like a seasoned vintage wine. The latest offering, "Non Serviam", results in strong vocal melody mixed with some extensive guitar work that leads to emotive and vigorous renditions, only hampered by the French lyrics if you were being really picky. But a point I must stress… ADX tried English lyrics with 'Weird Visions' that was so successful, so there’s no reason why a tried and tested formula should change right?

Highlights include the infectious title track, with its strong stance and sing along ethic. Then whilst I’ve stated before, ADX have no reason to go back to their classic sound, the old flame still burns and could remind newer listeners of early Helloween material. Far from "Non Serviam" being completely pigeon holed in to the power metal category, it happily strays back and forth every now and again particularity on songs like 'L’egnime Sacree'. You will also find some ripping neo-classical guitar parts, with a tone that cuts right though you but has enough organic matter to really feel at home without the need to amass a combination of guitar effects.

The recording itself is very well produced and captured, I don’t understand why there is no record label backing for this one, as in recent times, it’s one of their highlights and a terrific assessment of a band determined to move ever forward.

  1. L'aube Noire  (Instrumental)  
  2. La Mort En Face 
  3. La Complainte Du Demeter  
  4. B-17 Phantom  
  5. Non Serviam  
  6. Les Oubliés 
  7. L'irlandaise  
  8. L'énigme Sacrée  
  9. Cosaques 
  10. La Furie  
  11. Theâtre De Sang

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 3, 2016

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