Aeon Of Horus - The Embodiment Of Darkness And Light

Hailing from Canberra, Australia Aeon Of Horus is a four-piece technical death metal outfit with a short history and only one full-length record released. Formed in 2006, two years later they had enough material to put up their first album and the effort put into this record can be heard in every minute of it.

First of all, it becomes pretty evident that all the musicians handle their instruments quite well right off the bat. The opening track gives you a good idea of what they are capable of, and the musicianship remains at a high level for the rest of the record. There are lot of technical riffs, odd time signatures, intricate yet slamming breakdowns and everything you would expect from a modern tech death band a-la Veil Of Maya, The Faceless, The Human Abstract and many others. It's clear that the guys from Aeon Of Horus are not very far from their American peers in terms of technical abilities.

But what these come short with is the musical composition. Every track you hear on The Embodiment Of Darkness And Light (except for the acoustic intermissions) is a compilation of good technical riffs that sound pretty much the same as with dozens of similar bands from around the world. Sure, they nail every part perfectly, but the overall picture isn't making this band stand out from the rest of their peers. If bands like The Faceless or The Human Abstract mentioned earlier have certain parts and musical style that makes every listener identify this band without a second though, then in the case of Aeon Of Horus you can't be that confident. These guys have a lot of soul-searching to do with their music in order to make it really significant and impressive.

The Embodiment Of Darkness And Light is a good debut album, though. It will certainly appeal to lovers of modern tech death metal, especially taking its crushing massive sound into account. Hope that the guys from Aeon Of Horus will top themselves with their future efforts, since their debut is very strong and promising (although, lacks some originality).

1 3c321
2 Conquering The Speed Of Light
3 The Embodiment_ Part One - Of Darkness
4 The Embodiment_ Part Two - And Light
5 The Pillars
6 Arrogantly Opposing Reality
7 Icon
8 Heru-Ra-Ha
9 As The Earth Shatters (Intro)
10 As The Earth Shatters
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 18, 2011

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