Aeons Confer –Symphonies Of Saturnus

It’s hard to believe that German symphonic black/death sextet Aeons Confer have been on the scene since way back in 1997 but this is indeed the facts as we know them! Furthermore, this year’s release of the band’s debut studio album, "Symphonies Of Saturnus", is their first offering in nine whole years but like a fine wine, Aeons Confer have returned with a maturity about them and the taste of their work is all the more fragrant and full bodied for their time away. Having spent so much time away it just wouldn’t have been right for a quick forty minute blast of extreme metal and that’s why "Symphonies Of Saturnus" clocks in at just shy of a whopping eighty minutes and packs into its repertoire a diverse and eclectic mix of styles and sounds.

As you’ll probably have gathered from its title, "Symphonies Of Saturnus" is not the usual type of Satan worshipping blast beat fest that many black metal bands indulge in. Incorporating galactic feeling undertones created through expansive synth work, some beautifully rendered female backing vocals, a touch of Gothic chic a surging, powerful sound, Aeons Confer seem to be constantly looking to the stars for inspiration and some of the soundscapes that they manage to create truly convey a sense of the cosmic and almost the divine!

There is a wisdom to Aeons Confers work, almost a romance about them as they play out their music with a sense of complete grandeur, majesty and pomp! "Symphonies Of Saturnus" feels more like a ceremony than an album, finely tuned and superbly presented and played by a band who have spent years perfecting their musicianship and song writing skills. By now you may be wondering f this is indeed a metal album I am describing and I assure you that it is! Thunderous double kick drumming, sublime guitar wielding and furious, gripping vocal work are very much the order of the day but it’s the magnificently melodic tones, rhythms and harmonies that surround their core metal sound that make things so intriguing. As you can tell, I think the return of Aeons Confer is a wondrous thing to behold, but what will your opinion be? Only one way to find out!

  1. Signals
  2. Esp
  3. Colossal Void
  4. Probe
  5. Alienate
  6. Aeonized
  7. Aeons To Come
  8. Descent
  9. Renaissance
  10. The Order Of Equilibrium
  11. Symphonies of Saturnus Part 1 - The Inheritance
  12. Symphonies of Saturnus Part 2 - The Proof
  13. Symphonies of Saturnus Part 3 - The Synthesis
  14. Supremacy


Self released
Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst
Apr 30, 2014

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