Aeons Confer - Zero Elysium

To be frank and honest with all of you right from the start here, I am not usually the biggest fan of bands that have the word symphonic attached to their, so-called, genre tag. Now I do know that I may be limiting myself to a point here where I could be missing high quality bands that I may find to be very good. Yet, for the most part, my instinct has been right on point here and a good deal of bands from this sub-set, that I have sampled, have not caught my ear and stuck. And then there are times that my aversion has been supremely challenged, making me second guess my own tastes, or what I thought they were. Aeons Confer's "Zero Elysium" here is one of those times. For what I hear when I listen to this album is something I truly enjoy and something that sticks with me, long after the music stops.

Listed as symphonic black/death metal on The Metal Archives and modern symphonic dark metal / extreme metal / death metal from their Facebook page and it all fits, plus more. You could throw in the kitchen sink of metal in there as well. For Aeons Confer's style incorporates all and everything into a very clean and tidy package that just, flat out, rocks. From track to track they all have different and original sound but also retain the same identity and foothold that claims that this is an Aeons Confer creation/album. Each and every song shifts and sways in ways that never let any one idea or part get stale or played out but they also bring things back around in a way that makes their presence much more powerful, touching and, hell, memorable.

As I states above, this sort of album is not something I would normally search out to listen to, it is just not normally my thing. Yet, Aeons Confer here have completely thrown my whole idea of my so-called norms right out the window. For "Zero Elysium" has completely blown me away in it's power, scope and memorability. So, there are two lessons you all can learn from me here. One, do not limit yourself, for you never know what you can find if you just give it a try. Two, go get this album, it will be worth it, no matter what area of metal you are into.

4 / 5 STARS


1. 27 000 000 Years
2. Impactors
3. Termination Artifacts
4. Wise Deflector
5. Plasmoid
6. Confront The Sum
7. Nemesis
8. Repulse
9. Zero Elysium
10. Pandemonium

Self released
Reviewer: Ben Schultz
Mar 12, 2020

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