Aeons Of Old - When The Blood Runs Clear

After their demo Nemesis (2004) they release a MCD with 5 tracks. The first 1 is the title track and an intro. Spoken quotes of Shakespear over a stewing beat with nice double bass drum. The 1st real song continues the beat with growling vocals. The songs have a drive but they don't play as melodic as they use to be. It is more straight forward death metal with some twists. Speed range from mid to up tempo in songs that don't invent something new but just showing plain death metal. Cocluding of this issue is a nice MCD with average death metal songs.

1. When The Blood Runs Clear
2. Castle Of Death
3. Dreamwork
4. Reign Of War
5. Vive Sanguinem
Shiver Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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