Affinity Hypothesis/Intoxicated – Split

Split CDs and such releases in general are my favorite means of expression when it comes to underground death metal. A split CD is the epitome of collaboration between two bands who really share the underground flame and is highly appreciated when I see bands that have split CDs in their discographies. This release that I am have in front of me now is a 2way split (two bands), and the participants are two bands from Ukraine who happen to share the same bass player!

After a short intro, Affinity Hypothesis start and it really couldn’t be better! Brutal death metal with a raging attitude and a will for destruction of all that’s living, from a band that already has another split and a couple of demos before that! Mainly modern and guttural, with a perfect production and a great fat guitar and bass sound! All of their three songs in this split go from wild to insane to crazy, instantly. No weak moments and no slow! I believe they are following the lead of the word, ‘If you’re too slow, you’re good to go’. Excellent ideas on the riffing matter and a really wild growler behind the mic.

Intoxicated part on this split would be recognized even if someone didn’t have a CD booklet in front of him! Difference in the production of the two bands is obvious! Not worse than Affinity Hypothesis, but a lot more raw! The first release ever of those sick Ukrainian beasts, musically they leave the whole trigger to where the previous ones left it hangin! Wild and blasty riffs, awesome guitar sound, a bass guitar that breaks humanity’s spine and in general a well performed ode to barbarity! The real difference besides the production on the two brutalers is the singer. The Intoxicated one uses a lot more shrieky vocs than the Affinity Hypothesis one and I believe their music needed that a lot more than the first ones! But really don’t mind my last comment! You won’t even realize any differences if you listen to it under a full moon with a six pack at your side! 

These Ukrainian bastards have created your worst nightmare there, and those of you who can’t take much brutality these days better avoid it! The rest jump on it and let them do their magic! They are willing to devour you, and more!



Reviewer: Andy Christos

Feb 13, 2013

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Affinity Hypothesis/Intoxicated – Split

  1. Affinity Hypothesis - Intro
  2. Affinity Hypothesis - Dissected Victims
  3. Affinity Hypothesis - The Abduction
  4. Affinity Hypothesis - Divine Glutony (cover Stabwound)
  5. Intoxicated - Inoculated Murder
  6. Intoxicated - Dysfunction
  7. Intoxicated - Creatures Which Can Eat And Fuck
  8. Intoxicated - Sequence Of Conclusions

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