Afterparty Massacre - Movie Soundtrack

The movie may have got off to a false start with some of the critic’s, but as for the soundtrack goes, on paper, there are a lot of notable bands featured. Movie soundtracks are rare that they encompass so much metal music like this one, they are usually filled with strange passages and plenty of sound samples, I myself am not a fan of such recordings, I am here for the music alone, but in ‘Afterparty Massacre’ you do have lots of talent on display.

The overall synopsis of the movie is based on events after an Incantation gig, and Incantation take pride in displaying a great addition with ‘Impulse Imprint’, hopefully a sign of a new release in the pipeline. Estuary, Goreaphobia and Cardiac Arrest’s entries almost make it onto the hit list, then you come to Gravehill’s cover of AC/DC’s ‘If You Want Blood’, if ever there was a track more suited to such a soundtrack it is this.

For me, the bands that standout are Lifeless, Feral and Fatalist (although their inclusion is a cover of Death’s ‘Beyond the Unholy Grave’), but then again I am biased as I love these three bands and their musical style. A pleasant surprise is the massively underrated Soulless from Chicago and a new track from Funerus that literally reduces you to sludge as the title would suggest. All in all, the roster of one particular label is well represented. As a compilation, it’s not a bad release, as a movie soundtrack, its more worthy. One day everyone will realise that movie soundtracks should fit like this one does, like a sodden bloody mess of gore and filth, and this makes me want to check out the movie much more and if this does not whet your appetite enough, there is a good opportunity to check out the talent of Ibex Moon Records’ roster.

1. Stairway To Hell (Sample)
2. Denial Fiend - Afterparty Massacre
3. I Want To Be Good (Sample)
4. Incantation - Absolved In Blood
5. Estuary - Impulse Imprint
6. Sawwhores (Sample)
7. Gravehill - If You Want Blood (cover AC/DC)
8. Goreaphobia - Organ Donor
9. Flower Power (Sample)
10. Cardiac Arrest - Decomposed In No Man's Land
11. Potty Mouth (Sample)
12. Soulless - Bleed You Dry
13. The Afterparty (Sample)
14. Feral - Necrofilthiac
15. Funerus - Reduced To Sludge
16. The Massacre (Sample)
17. Fatalist - Beyond The Unholy Grave (cover Death)
18. Killer Hottie (Sample)
19. Lifeless - Death To The Bone
20. Rain In Blood (Sample)
21. Kyle From Incantation Had To Take A Piss
22. Incantation - Absolved In Blood [Live]
23. Cardiac Arrest - Rotting Creator
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 5, 2011
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