Agathocles - Commence To Mince

Does anyone know how many releases does the Belgian mince/core legends Agathocles have? I guess even Jan (bass/vocals) cannot name everything in the discography of his band.

"Commence To Mince" is the new full-length album of Agathocles and it offers 35 minutes of oldschool punk/d-beat/grind - short songs, blastbeats and growling vocals. In case you are into anything from the previous Agathocles' releases then you will not be disappointed by this one either. 'Orgulho Americano' is my favourite track from "Commence To Mince" because of its punk riffs but all the other songs are good if you are into this type of music that glorifies the old masters Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Unholy Grave etc.

The sound production is good (which wasn't always the case with some of the Agathocles releases in the past) and all the ingredients for a good old grinding fun are present. Enjoy!

  1. Bathing In Hate
  2. Noise Abatement Crusaders
  3. Snobhunt
  4. Bad Space Cake
  5. Opportunist Swines
  6. Lights Off
  7. I Piss
  8. No More Faith
  9. Freeze
  10. Black Marks
  11. Dark Evil Rays
  12. Market Place
  13. ASD
  14. King Of The Scene
  15. Thanks Man
  16. Orgulho Americano
  17. Why Do They
  18. Demons
  19. Out
  20. Wasted Words
  21. Interrupted
  22. Flag
  23. A Late Abortion
  24. Different Direction
  25. Opgefokt
  26. Honesty
  27. Dadaesque
  28. Hypotrips
  29. Commence To Mince
  30. Toiletpaper
  31. Winner
  32. NSS
  33. In The City
  34. Kill Thrill
  35. Chinese End