Age Of Nemesis - Terra Incognita

Progressive Metal was the choice of the group, one of the most interesting and complex styles. The Hungarian quintet makes that with ability, music with great letters and a quite solid structure. The newest album of the group is the Terra Incognita, a conceptual disk. This disk was released in 2002 in Hungarian version, now with help of Peter Linka the album was released completely in English. Unknown earth has quite captivating music; it’s easy to notice Dream Theater influence in your sonority. As it was said the disk previously is conceptual, he approaches the life after the death focusing a girl's history that died. A great instrumentation and intelligent melodies will be heard in that beautiful progressive work.

1. Tree Of Life
2. Meeting With The Unbelivable
3. Land Of Lights
4. The Secret
5. Another existence
6. Inner Fire
7. Inferno
8. Someone Must Take The Blame
9. Forgive Me My Foolish crime
10. Why?
11. Bleeding Moon
12. Plummeting Into Eternity
Magna Carta
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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