Agent Steel - Alienigma

"Alienigma" Marks the 11th official release from (HEL)L.A.'s AGENT STEEL. Formed in 1984, AGENT STEEL has defined not only speed metal, but coined what is now called "Sci-Fi Metal" since there lyrics revolved around science fiction and alien activity. Now going back to the bands formation...if you think "Oh another 80's band..more 80's sound" you are sorely mistaken. AGENT STEEL have always progressed in every facuet of there song writing and sound, mushroom stamping all non-beleivers. Yes they stay true to there roots, but still stay a few steps ahead of the pack. Sandwhich the fury of bands like EXODUS, and the harmony and technicality of IRON MAIDEN and you have AGENT STEEL. For thoses who were not around in the COMBAT records days, dont sweat it. CENTURY MEDIA bought COMBAT's catalog about 10 years ago, so there classic releases are available for your pain and pleasure through the kind folks at C.M, and from the band themselves. Tell em Rick sent you. Listen and Believe you are not alone.

1. Fashioned From Dust
2. Wash The Planet Clean
3. Hail To The Chief
4. Liberty Lying Bleeding
5. Hybridized
6. Extinct
7. Wormwood
8. W.P.D. (World Pandemic Destruction)
9. Tiamats Fall
10. Lamb To The Slaughter
Mascot Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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