Aggression - Viocracy

Spain’s Aggression unleash their second album ‘Viocracy’, my immediate impression are that of a band delivering technical thrash, a little progressive, a little more out of the box, they gain plus points because they are not jumping on the bandwagon of every thrash-styled band that comes out of late. Vocally, I am reminded of the melodic, almost singing style of Death Angel’s Mark Osegueda and Heathen’s David White’s higher register but musically, it’s anything in between Coroner and perhaps some bands like Watchtower. That said, they are not copycats, Aggression are entertaining and influences stretch as far as a cover of Rush’s instrumental piece ‘YYZ’.

If you want entertainment, this album is more the musically minded amongst you, there are little moments to mosh and headbang, these are disrupted by often disjointed time changes, a trait of technical thrash metal as it’s called. With that in mind, I am surprised that the album still manages to flow well, a mark of good arrangements, but some of you will get frustrated by it I am sure. To ease some of these tendencies, check out ‘Human Nature’, this is much more down to earth and develops more of a groove to it, something to sink your teeth into I guess, musically it is still challenging (by that I mean technicality levels are high), the overall feel is more in tune with most ragers in the pit, some of the riffing reminds me of some Megadeth, the acoustic start to the track also builds momentum up rather nicely.  In summary, this is US style thrash with added levels of musicianship notable of the European bands of the late 1980’s. Quite a cool mix in all honesty. Further tracks that tickle your fancy include ‘Chemical Slavery’, almost a John Connelly vocal here, over the top riffing and time signature changes with occasional groove.

Aggression make thrash interesting, I would award another half point if I was able too, but on the whole this is a cool release, more for a musically minded person than the average raging thrash-a-holic, but, arrangements are entertaining, interesting and no one can deny their musical ability, but perhaps some restraint in the song structures would benefit the band but I take my hat off to them for being different and musically overflowing with ideas and talent.

  1. False Flag
  2. Chemical Slavery
  3. Viocracy
  4. MK Ultra
  5. Get Mad
  6. Human Nature
  7. Awake Awareness
  8. Dehumanized
  9. Victims Of Bias
  10. YYZ (cover Rush)